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Discover the healthiest version of yourself and start living the best life possible.

Create a life that is satisfying and alive!

individual therapy


Initiating therapy is a step towards becoming your best self, no matter what challenges you may be facing. You can change self-destructive behaviors and habits, resolve painful feelings and improve relationships.

The more we learn to be with our feelings and sensations, the more we can release the blocks and unfinished business that cause suffering. Self-awareness mobilizes us to take risks and stretch ourselves with new ways of being that include kindness, compassion, and connection to ourselves and others.

Individual therapy helps with self-doubt, self-criticism, social isolation, suppressed anger and shame. Life challenges I often work with include: anxiety, relationship issues, addictions, trauma, sexual and physical abuse, depression, suicidal thoughts, loss and grief.


Many people embrace the therapeutic journey and see it as a means to ongoing self-growth, healing, and transformation. Let me guide you on your journey.


Deepen your connection and restore the passion, intimacy, and joy in your relationship.

couples therapy


Couples therapy enriches and maintains a healthy relationship, and can heal and transform a troubled relationship.  Therapy re-energizes and builds a new sense of connection and hope. Learn to communicate with compassion and respect, and develop an understanding of how to use your relationship for healing and mutual fulfillment. 

Couples therapy enables and supports:
•    recreating passion and intimacy
•    listening, understanding, and empathy
•    airing differences with compassion and respect
•    embracing challenges and conflict as opportunities for growth
•    a renewal of the joy and freedom found in honest, open connection
•    healing with humor and play


For couples of all orientations, length of commitment, and stages in life.

Family Therapy

FAMILY Therapy

Family therapy creates a safe space for:
•    Building trust and openness
•    Acknowledging needs for reassurance and support
•    Honestly expressing feelings and opinions
•    Compassionately negotiating different needs
•    Clarifying boundaries so adult responsibilities are clearly delineated from child and teen responsibilities
•    Sharing joy, humor, and fun

Family therapy supports a deeper connection among family members, including parents and children, brothers and sisters, and other significant relationships. This is especially important when experiencing stressful circumstances such as illness, addictions, conflicts, divorce, depression, death, remarriage, and child and teen behaviour problems.

Working together helps resolve family problems. When one person is hurting, it has a domino effect, impacting everyone. Therefore, it is important for everyone to be a part of the solution. A renewed feeling of connection comes from learning more about one another and developing a sense of how to support each other. Sessions are often brief and change occurs after a few visits.

gestalt and kids

Healing and growth through creativity provides an outlet to express needs and feelings.

Gestalt Therapy with Children and Teens

Preschool through young adult

The work I do with children and adolescents is based on the premise that children inherently know what they need for their own healing and growth. Younger people tend to not be able to verbalize what they feel or need, yet when given art work such as sand tray scenes, drawing, clay, role playing, puppets, etc. they express themselves, and make meaning from their work. This develops a sense of self-mastery, which allows for feelings of strength and improved self-esteem, while reducing the need to prove oneself, to hide and “act small” or to “act out.”

The activities used are drawn from their particular preferences. Whether they are experiencing depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, peer issues, low self-esteem, or behavior problems, children and teens can work through those issues in a creative way, improving their self-understanding, as well as their relationships with their families.


Work with younger people often involves family and/or parenting sessions. The specific work of the child/teen is not disclosed, but general themes, worries, and concerns are addressed so family members are informed as a part of the healing process.

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